width= Some of the SW Chutes were tagged by a bunch of Snow Troopers this past Wednesday (6/11). I knew the origianal plan for the crew was to head towards Rainier for the day ( I was to ski on Snoqualmie Pass), but with the small weather window looking a little bigger and better, the call was made to go for Adams. I hadn’t been down to Mt. Adams for a couple years, so I was stoked to hear part of the group was heading my way, to kick off this quick 30 hour adventure (which would produce about 20 minutes of sweet corn skiing on one of the best steep LONG sustained faces in the NW). I jumped in with Chris Olsen, Jeff Rich and Adam Roberts, around 7PM, as they rolled over Snoqualmie Pass for the scenic “4-5 hour” East route. David O’Donnell, Silas Wild, Zack Jessel, Tara and Carl Simpson rolled the West side, all to rendezvous at the Morrison Creek Campground. Waking with the sun, after about “4-5” hours of sleep, I was surprised to see the HUGE burn we were camped with in, that now produces a view of the Volcano from almost everywhere. Weather was perfect for a day on Adams, as you will see in Carl Simpson’s video below. Hit the Chutes, then half of us went for the easy out (back to Cold Springs CG) and the other half did the adventure BURN ski back towards Morrison Creek CG. The chutes are skiing very well right now and should be looking good for a bit longer. So, get after it, before the SUN does

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