width= Lot’s of new things happening up here on Snoqualmie Pass for the 2014/2015 ski season, but my favorite would be a brand new chair on our home base mountain, Summit East. Yesterday was a heli day, pouring concrete down the line for tower pads, along with a new ski patrol shack at the top terminal. Really cool that the Summit at Snoqualmie reached out to local owner/operator Ron Cline (fellow Summit as Snoqualmie snowboarder) of Central Valley Helicopters , to get the hard to reach areas completed. On a side note about CVH, they offer many services from fire fighting, spraying, sight seeing, and even plucking snowmobiles from deep in the mountains, after getting stuck with no other way to extract. As you can see in the video bellow the WHITE CURTAIN is lowering on our Fall running/hiking and last minute tasks… Bring ON the SNOW (in a couple more weeks, giving the crew the time they need to get’er completed 😉 )!

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