width=With the huge amount of rain the Cascade Mountains of the PNW has received in the past few days +, I was going to chalk Sunday up as a non-ski day. That was until a blinding blast of something came through the front window of The Snow Troopers’ control center (here at Hyak, WA). It turned out the strange, blinding beam was the SUN!!! I quickly geared up to get some “ Inbetween the Sheets” of rain. In my 4 or 5 lap ski day, I ran into a bunch of friends taking advantage of the mild, soft, Spring like conditions that came with ZERO crowds. Check out the ultra short vid from early afternoon yesterday with Garret Van Swearingen, Kirsten Evers, Eric Aardissono, and Matt Karaus (seen on the snowSk8 at end of short vid). Little side note on Matt, he’s primarily a BIG mountain skier that slays it with perfect technique, but as you can see in the vid he’s just a big mountain junky, that does it with style no matter what tool he uses to work with to capture the “year round” adrenalin fix. ☺

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