width=Easy come, easy go, all in just a few days… So, may the good times start to (once again) FLOW! Thought I’d put the running shoes away for the year, but yesterday I found myself putting them and the waterproof clothing on, just like Crispin’s fine boy Geebs (seen to the left, making good use of his dad’s tire bags). I then headed down Denny Creek for Franklin Falls. The rain has washed a lot of the ice and snow off the trail making it somewhat safe to get close for a pic (which wasn’t the case this time last year – needing crampons). Franklin Falls was epic, making me think a run down to check out Snoqualmie Falls could be worth while too. As you can see from the pic below, it was well worth the drive down to the city of Snoqualmie, to finish off my micro runs for BIG waterfalls. If you do make it out to Snoqualmie Falls, I recommend walking down the the river via the somewhat newly redesigned trail and boardwalk, as it is far easier/safer, than the old route, for all members of the family to get in a beautiful “pre-turkey feast” walk.

Below is a short video I put together of our new snow being washed away by the 10 inches (or so) of rain that we have received in recent days (which is still coming down hard). However, the weather experts are calling for the snow level to drop below the Cascasde’s lowest pass elevation this Friday night. Think cold snow!

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