width= Well, it’s no surprise to The Snow Troopers’ gang, that this year’s Crystal Mountain “Dirt Bag Ball” Queen is none other than Tara Simpson!!! That’s right, the year round BIG mountain skier (and Carl Simpson’s better half / #1 ski partner through life) has put in her dues as a local Crystal Mtn. “Dirt Bag” by spending countless days slayin’ the POW from opening to closing (hanging the entire time with the fast pace of Carl and the boyz), then closing down the bar and waking up in a trailer, car, tent, etc., the next morning keeping the powder dayz rolling. I was blown away with the amount of gifts Crystal Mountain showered Tara with at 2014 Dirt Bag Ball this past weekend, that will surely make the rest of this season and next even that much more memorable. As most of you already know who follow The Snow Troopers, once Crystal shuts down for the Summer, Tara’s playground grows by hundreds of miles, as she and Carl spend every chance they get exploring the endless lines you would need a thousand lifetimes to ski them all. Congrats Tara!

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One Response to “Crystal Mtn., WA – Hail to the Queen”

  1. April 1, 2014

    Rachael Velasco

    So happy and proud for/of you Tara. Throughout the many years of our friendship I am so happy that you are doing what you love with the love of your life. Love you and big ups to us lady. CONGRATULATIONS LUV.

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