This past Monday night around 6PM, the rain stopped falling here at Hyak, WA (2,600’ above sea level) and the sky started to clear. I quickly geared up, and 30 minutes later I was at Summit Central enjoying a sweet, creamy, fresh snow night skiing session (that was so much fun, I skied hot laps almost until closing at 10PM). As the night was winding down a little snow started to fall, leaving me to believe that Tuesday morning could be quite nice, also knowing that the large dose of recent Cascade rain would keep people working in the city (rather than chance taking a “sick” day for a non-“sic” ski day). Well, I was right, and as I pulled into lot 1, there were only (apx) 10 other cars (at 8:50AM)!!! What a beautiful day, filled with sun, fresh snow, and small group of friends. A lot of us just lapped Edelweiss all morning then bailed. It is my understanding, those who stuck around the entire day, were rewarded with a little Elevator “sidecountry” fresh snow action, served up the ski patrol!?! Looking like another fantastic “Spring” like day up here (should be locked up good and tight until that morning sun rises over Chikamin).

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