width= If you are wondering what this post is all about, by the title, you might be thrown off a little. The Booter Buddy event is a big air comp/festival going off this May 3rd. The 2nd annual event is being held in the backcountry of Alpental (which is no longer the backcountry but the “Back Bowls”). To access the “Back Bowls” you need to obtain a pass from the ski patrol at the top of Edelweiss Chair, no gear or partners required, but highly advised. For this event, which is held on knoll 0, I believe you can view without a “Back Bowl” pass, then swoop right back inbounds for you return to the base area.. Check with the Summit at Snoqualmie for more details on the “Booter Buddy” event and/or getting a “Back Bowl” pass

and/or education.

Below is a short edit of last year’s event.

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