width= Here’s a short ( June 2, 2014 ) visual update of the snow removal from Heather Meadows to Artist Point. The 3 man crew, running 2 dozers and 1 snowblower, were working their way up the switchback, just below Austin Pass. I ran into E.Beam and his new family member, Coco, a fine 2 1/2 year old rescue pup. I joined them for a quick lap on the Horn. Coco was beyond happy, out on her first ever ski adventure. After seeing Coco bomb down the mountain, I would have to say she is now hooked on skiing and her new life! The only bummer of the day for me, was somehow getting a perfectly BLURRY long shot of Coco’s first ever descent. The skiing was great June fun and it’s looking like a great start to this upcoming weekend. The sun cups are out there in the lower zones, but they still are soft and clean, so get it while it’s good!

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