width= Sweet one from this past week up in the Cascade Pass, WA zone. Wishin’ I didn’t miss out on this one, but stoked so many cams were rolling to bring it to our computer screens. Below are some notes from Jeff Rich along with a sweet edit that he and Carl Simpson put together.



A group of us headed up to the Cascade Pass area for a few days, to take advantage of the nice weather. The tree that was blocking the road is now cleared and travel to the upper locked gate is no problem. The road above the gate is snow free within 1/3 mile of the Picnic/trail head area. Travel to the Pass is easy and straight forward. We opted for the short boot pack up the little head wall to the pass, but the north trending traverse is filled in nicely and was soft. We skied Sahale the first day with great snow all the way down to Doubtful lake. The following day, We headed down the Pelton Basin to ski some steeper lines, with the exception of a few others of our group that had such a great time on Sahale, the day prior, they just had to get her again. Our main objective was not in shape, but we had a great consolation prize of skiing from the top of Pelton Peak. Cascade Pass is Prime!

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