width= On our somewhat recent trip to Washington Pass, we had all sorts of cams rolling as BIG lines were slayed, capturing far too many clips for one vid. Not wanting to archive so many good clips, we decided to go for 3 vids. Well, that was looking good until, I chopped up “take 3” and it looks like there will be one more fairly short video dropping in a couple dayz (“take 4 – Birthday Tour). That will wrap up our WA Pass adventures for this year, pushing us higher into the volcano zones for the upcoming Summer/Fall seasons. Also, if you like the kick ass photograph above, by Jason Hummel, then be sure to check out more of his art by giving his facebook page “Jason Hummel Photography” a like.

If you happened to miss either of the prior Kangaroo Hunts, be sure to click the one you missed (or want to get stoked watching again): “Take 1”, and “Take 2”.

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  1. March 28, 2016

    […] mid-May: North Cascades Highway. Designated a Scenic Byway, this highway accesses Washington Pass and the rest of the “North American Alps” – check our video below to see why the area is […]

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