Knowing our site’s main focus is on alpine touring and freeriding, I thought my no binding brothers & sisters qualify as both freeriding & alpinist. Alpinist because they will climb a mountain for their turns and freeriders because they do it w/ out bindings! The community of bad asses I’m talking about is the snowskate scene. Not too old of a scene, that was born right here in the Cascade mountains, so it only makes sense that one of the biggest annual gatherings happens right here on Snoqulalmie Pass. The Serpentine Massacre is a downhill, (somewhat) banked slalom race that is Snosk8er cross style that takes place every year on the third Sunday in March (this year’s date to save is Sunday, March 24th). Heats of apx 5 is how snowskater event works, starting right at high noon (which could mean 12:20PM, due to all the pre-race activities in the lower S.East lot). After all the heats run and the cream of the snowskater crop has risen to the top, there’s still one more last chance qualifier… This heat is one that should not be missed, a massive heat of all the non-qualifiers racing at ONCE! The video below will give you a short taste of this up and coming sport, that turns a smaller mountain into a BIG mountain. Give it a try sometime if you live in a big mountain zone or the hills of the heartland. For more info on snowskates visit Starfish Magazine’s fb page.

below is pic taken at carnage corner… A bunch of high speed snowskate wipeouts at this location. In this one Big John demonstrates how to ride a snowskate on your back.

2012 Serpentine Massacre

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  1. February 27, 2015

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