It’s been a tough week with no new snow, but at least we have received sunshine in it’s place and Glen Plake will be skiing at Summit West tonight! I wanted to share this conditions video from yesterday skiing with Karter, Joe, Becky and myself, because it should be similar to what Glen gets today/tonight when he arrives with the Elan crew. I hoping for the same conditions today, because all we did yesterday was soak in some sun and epic Snoquamie Pass sights, along with dancing on the corduroy all day (as seen the the video below).

This next vid I wanted to share is a creation of our very good friend, Scott Harder. This was taken two years ago in March, when Glen Plake paid us a surprise visit to Summit East. This was an epic day as seen through the lens of Scott’s cameras. Enjoy this one and be sure to look for today/tonight’s fun with Glen Plake to come your way in video form a few days from now!

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