One of our bro’s and new team member this year, Jeff Rich, calls Stevens Pass, WA his home stompin’ grounds (however just like so many of us, when away from WA and being a year round skier, he calls the Cascades his home). Jeff Rich and our other good friend Zack Jessel were both captured accessing the goods in the Stevens backcountry by Jameson Florence this past December 4th. Still can’t believe how much better the conditions are to the North, just up the Cascade Crest from Snoqualmie Pass, WA (not to mention the South). BTW, Stevens Pass is rocking the Hogsback, Skyline, Kehr’s, Tye Mill, Seventh Heaven, and Daisy chair lifts daily 9AM to 4PM.

Zack Jessel stepping on the throttle and throwing a rooster tail. Stevens Pass, WA - 12/4/13

Jeff Rich finding early season air. Stevens Pass, WA - 12/4/13

FACE SHOT in route... Jeff Rich. Stevens Pass, WA - 12/4/13

5 Hard days of skiing and partying make for a tired skier... Jeff Rich snoozing on the ridge before making another lap down the backside, Steven

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