Having taken the last two weeks off from skiing and spending them right here on Snoqualmie Pass, hiking North of I-90, prompted this post. Back on May 12th-14th, Andrew Eckels, Jacob Mandell, Garett Roth, and Cory Tarilton took a nice walk North of Interstate 90, looking for good lines and good times. Well, they found both and to share some of the good times, Andrew put together the sweet video (along with a few words) below that recaps their 3 day walkabout.

For Snoqualmie Traverse: Back in May myself, Jacob, Cory, and Garret set out to do a big traverse in the snoqualmie pass area. The trip began with a starlit skin through the commonwealth basin to the Kendall catwalk where we spent the night. On our way to Mt Thompson we ran witnessed wet slide activity and decided to scale back our trip. We spent some time napping by a lake and climbing a funny little couloir before setting out for Alaska mountain where we set up camp. In the morning we summited Alaska and began an interesting descent. It took some shenanigans but we found the one way down the mountain which happened to be a very thinly covered gully.

From there we headed back up silver creek and did a side trip to ski one of the kendall couloirs before heading back up to the catwalk. We descended the commonwealth at sunset and made it to the car just before dark

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