Last Sunday, the 24th, it was time to take Trooper dog for a walk behind the house to Silver Peak. My original thought, was to ski a little wind loaded hoar in the NW bowl… WRONG! The main reason I went for Silver was due to the snowline allowing me to drive almost to Windy Pass. Not enough snow to take the Winter route to the bowl, so I walked the road, where 1 jeep (or something) had made it all the way to the fire pit, located at the base of Silver Peak (very impressive).

below you can seen the runnels that were mostly locked up good n tight!

If I had a rad jeep, I would have missed the best skiing of the day, THE ROAD, which was mostly covered with an average of apx one half inch of hoarfrost (which is shown in the beginning of the vid where Trooper gets a nice time lapse of us – Trooper is such a great camera dog, always getting the great angles).

below is a short video of the typical conditions up here on Snoqualmie Pass, WA

As far as the skiing in the bowl, it was mostly locked up tight and the steeps were runneled with deep tight trenches, as if Paul Bunyon had a giant groomer that laid corduroy that had been rained on before the week of sun and below freezing temps ( I had some full rockerd fat boards that actually worked quite well for the funky contoured slopes of variable snow the mountain had to offer).

below – Chickamin Peak

BTW, as I was amazed by the alpenglow on my way back to Hyak, thinking the next trip this week would be on a nice SW pitch (which will take a little more work up here but, should pay off). Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

below – Alta Mountain

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