October 9th, Carl Simpson, Jeff Rich, David O’Donnell, David Britton, Amar Anadalkar, and James Fletcher, all headed up the Mt. Baker Highway for the Hannegan Pass TH parking lot. Enough snow had fallen during the last week or so that the crew didn’t have to make the nasty “Summer” approach up the goat trail, above Hannegan Pass (just over 4 miles in, on the Summer trail). Instead, they were able to ditch the trail runners and go to “skins on” mode at the campsite just a half mile below Hannegan Pass. Nice to see everything filling in nicely up high… Time to wrap up all the lower elevation Fall chores, before it’s GAME ON! Take a look at Carl’s video below, showing the snow conditions up in the North Cascades earlier this week.

above: ski skinner/Jeff Rich, photo credit/Carl Simpson. Below: Carl’s edit of the Ruth day

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