This past Thursday, the 26th of Sept., I wanted to get a little of the 5 or so inches we have been hearing so much about in recent days. Even the national news has been hyping all recent Western US snowfall, so I headed up to get a taste of the first fresh snow I have seen since late Spring. I was pumped for a few reasons on this September ski day (what was supposed to be a halfway sunny day) 1st – new snow, 2nd-meeting up with an awesome crew, and 3rd- linking up 120 months of skiing in the Cascade Mountains! The video below is a short recap of our mostly foggy, then snowy day, which yielded the best skiing since…. Maybe, June??? Thanks for an AWESOME day Tara, Carl, Jeff, Zack, Chris, Yo Yo, James, John, and David!!!

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  1. September 26, 2014

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