The Western Washington University Snow Trooper crew was out destroying it this past week up at Baker putting our site back on track with some BIG mountain alpine touring. Andrew fired this email to me as his answer this morning in regards to why he couldn’t make it on the Idaho road trip for next week’s last leg with The Snow Troopers and the Central Idaho Tourism group (oh yeah, and they were planning on going to class one of the days too, if the snow was less than knee deep… Damn kids are always skiing). Below is a BANGER video, with some words from Andrew Eckels.

Last Saturday Jacob Mandell, Cory Tarilton, Bo Valencia and myself left Bellingham at 5am so we could get one lap in before Bo competed in the Banked Slalom. After getting first tracks down our favorite chute we sat back and watched as 20 or so more rippers tore up the face with style. At the top of our third lap we got socked in and scratched plans of skiing a more ambitious line opting instead to enjoy party skiing mellower slopes. On Sunday Ben Gregory and I hung out in the trees and sessioned a jump for most of the day before heading out early to celebrate Jacob’s 21st birthday.

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  1. March 1, 2013


    Overheard in Glacier, “how about some [flowery language deleted to protect the innocence of our youths]”. Publicizing near lines like this is making you unpopular. Wood’s sez he’s going to stop showing you the goods if you keep blabbing on the interwebs.

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