This past labor day weekend, we met up with Jackson Blackburn in Glacier, WA for a relaxing walk along the Nooksack River to decide on our target for the morning of 8/31. Knowing we had great success with Hadley Peak last Summer-Fall, we decided to shoot for Cougar Divide and make the epic walk to Hadley Glacier. We left our campsite around 7AM and started the super long 16 mile fs road drive to Cougar Divide in Jackson’s low profile car (not recommended). As we made our way walking along Cougar divide, our ski line finally came into view, we clearly could see the main chute had melted out about half way down (forcing a nasty, rocky down climb for a couple hundred feet to link the ski). The lack of rain (and cloud cover) in the month of July and a good part of August, has put a serious beating on our late season “easier access” glaciers/snowfields. I’m hoping for a good dose of snow on the volcanos to cover up the nasty sun cups seen in the vid below.

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