This past June 6th, a gang of Snow Troopers headed for Glacier, WA to kick off a weekend filled with good friends, campfires, guitars, and sun cup skiing. Every year we try to get up at least a couple times during the “Summer time” to soak it all in. This trip I was extra stoked, because Hugo Harrison had given us shout mid May for a final ski before the Summer mode up in Pemberton/Whistler. We watched the weather for weeks and it never panned out, so the first week of June was looking like we could dodge the Spring rain bullet, so we rolled the dice and went for it. We showed up on Friday afternoon to fantastic weather in Glacier, thinking it would be choice the following day too (calling for 30 percent chance of showers).

We woke up the next morning to a very light drizzle (which we have all seen before in the early hours of prior trips), but by the time we arrived at Heather Meadows, the drizzle had become full on rain! We all decided to chill in Zack’s killer Sprinter van and wait out the storm with stories, nonsense and laughs. I should say all of us, except “young” Andrew Eckels who is know for not being able to sit still for more than 5 minutes at a time. Therefore, in 15 minutes he had mentioned 3 times of the weather looking like it was clearing, “so let’s move everyone!” He had no luck with the group except for two suckers he talked into joining him on a sketchy Mt. Herman adventure ( now in sideways 20 mph rain). Those two suckers were Jerad Merbs and Andrews friend, Frazier. Once they hit the summit and did some micro laps up on top, they skied down Bagley Lakes to hook up with the rest of the group which was now moving uphill too. The rest of the group included Sting, Zack Jessel, Jeff Rich, Woods, Carl Simpson and Hugo Harrison. As the group reached Artist Point the clouds started to lift. Just when it was time to click in and ski off Table the sun started to SHINE and the good times began. Even though the bulk of the day was spent shooting the breeze in the Sprinter Van, the good finish to the day sure sent everyone home feeling much more satisfied (and tired). Below is the video with some of the highlights. To take a look HERE for Sting’s original post along with her pics

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2 Responses to “Mt. Baker, WA – Hugo Harrison Joins us at the “Table””

  1. July 12, 2013

    Jacob M

    Rad editing and scenery shots! Andrew throwing down a burly line in there too

    • July 14, 2013


      We missed you out there man… Glad your back in the zone!

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