Snow Troopers Mike and Andy Traslin heart the Heartstrings in the Joffre Lakes region of British Columbia. Here’s what Mike had to say about their tour:

Looking for great views and an aesthetic ski tour? Then Heartstrings is for you. Like most skiers and climbers, I had skied various routes on Mt Joffre, Matier, Slalok. I had heard of the Heartstrings in many conversations over the years… but only in regards to exiting the bigger objectives. I had personally always just skied by the Heartstrings, for one reason or another. It always just seemed like…. “Oh Look there is Heartstrings”.  After 15 years of passing it by, the big rockwalls lured me in and I finally skied it. The snow was variable, but the views were perfect. Fun Ski!  It would be great to hit that zone in powder. Next time.  For more information on the area, pick up “Exploring the Coast Mountains on Skis” by John Baldwin and head to page 125. Good luck.


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