This evening, Jerad and myself took a walk up to the old Milwaukee Ski Bowl, via the Cold Creek cross country trail. Just past the remains of the old ski jump, that hosted the Olympic ski jump trials back in 1948, we headed up into Milwaukee bowl picking our way through the young growth up to to main bowl and being rewarded with a halfway decent ride on the 9″ of new which was now 4″ a couple days later. However, crusty the clown was back in town just prior to the new snow, leaving behind a 3/4 inch crust that the big boys will break through every now and then.

Back on Milwaukee Ski Bowl for a minute, it was originally opened late in 1937 under the name Snoqualmie Ski Bowl by a bunch of top dogs with the Milwaukee Railroad and a few others. In 1941 the biggest ski jump in the U.S. was built there, but shortly there after, the area closed due to WWII. Post war, the ski area reopened as Milwaukee Ski Bowl, so it wouldn’t be confused with the new ski area up the road a couple of miles, know as Snoqualmie Summit. Milwaukee Ski Bowl was also known in this era as a top ski area in the U.S., comparing to Sun Valley (where some of the Snow Troopers just happen to be hanging out currently thanks to the Central Idaho tourism group), but just not as fancy. Now I personally think the ski area we now know as “Summit East” could be one of the biggest 1,000′ mountain around. I know that is kind of funny sounding but take for instance the chair line now know as East Peak, it is as steep and long as Schweitzer’s longest steep run (Koli’s Big Timber-apz 900′ double black), however the Summit call’s East Peak a black diamond and saves the double black ratings for Alpental. Hyak, WA is also the place where current U.S. freestyle skier and 2012 World Cup Freestyle finals champion, Patrick Deneen, learned to ski like a rocket.

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