Yesterday was a sleeper pow day for sure up here on Snoqualmie Pass. I was just going to get some work done all day then head out for an evening walk up Hyak with Trooper dog. Well that all changed fast because of puking snow that was rapidly stacking up and my friend Robert Hammond who gave a shout, letting me know he was heading up looking to ski all day. By the time we skied our last lap of the nob of Hyak, the snow seemed to be pushing knee deep. Awesome Spring, now I’m wanting the one week of sun the weather experts are forecasting, so Alpental’s fresh 11″ and 15″ of snow at the base and summit, respectively (in the last 24hrs) will have a chance to bake down by the Cinco de Mayo weekend. Oh, and did I mention, that’s 11″ and 15″ on top of the 12″+ in the prior 24 hrs at the top of Alpental?!!

Below is a super short video of yesterday’s conditions, which seem to be even better this morning… Looking like a late start for work today!

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