photo by April Russell

My next and final stop on the POW’daho 2013 tour was Brundage Mountain, an hour North of Tamarack and <20min. from the town of McCall. 17" dropped on Brundage in the days before I arrived. This was going to be a deep day. However, after 10 days of skiing and long distance driving, my back was hurting big time- I needed Brundage to live up to its tagline of "the best snow in Idaho" if I was to make it through the day. I was somewhat skeptical after hearing its slopes are West facing. Just in case, I told my Brundage contact, Jared Montague, that I might not last but for a few runs. I obviously wasn't thinking: this is the Northern Rockies, not the WA Cascades. Surely the last few days of POW'daho proved that these ID resorts get the driest, lightest snow in the state comparable to UT and CO. Lucky for Brundage, its West facing aspect on the western front of the Northern Rockies puts it first in the Western Central ID mountains to greet a Pacific storm front. Thus, more snow at Brundage than its neighbors to the East and South. Brundage is so confident of its snow quality that it offers a "Snow Check Guarantee" (you have an hour to return a lift ticket and get a Snow Check for another day).

My first run with Jared made me both nervous and excited. Nervous because: The guy rips! Keeping up with him, sore back and all, was going to be a challenge. Excited because of the snow – WOW: It was cold smoke, UT light and dry. We ventured into deeper, untracked snow -found everywhere on the mountain (so, ok, this is better than UT where we’ve seen mountains tracked out in a few hours tops). My back was feeling better. This was the kind of powder that, face shot after face shot, blows off the goggles like dust in the wind. I was in paradise – again. We had so much fun skiing untracked snow within the 1,500 acres of lift served and 1,800 vertical that I forgot about its 17,000 acres of guided backcountry -so more on that in a later post. In the meantime, I was way stoked to be skiing the best snow in Idaho, with such an awesome skier. Brundage’s April Russell, another amazing skier, joined us end of day as the snow continued to stack up. We pretty much had the mountain all to ourselves. POW’daho rocks! Check out the video for yourself and be sure to put Brundage Mountain on your hit list. Nearby McCall has as many hotels and lodges (and nice ones too) as it does blocks so you’ll have no trouble finding a place. It’s a hip little ski town that I hope to spend more time exploring next time I visit – something I truly can’t wait to do. With another 6″ new this week, I wish it could be today.


Brundage Mountain’s 2013/14 season passes are on sale NOW. Get your pass by tomorrow, Mar. 8th, for the lowest prices and ski the rest of the season for only $99. An adult (18-69) pass is only $279 for new pass holders. For more info and to purchase, please visit Brundage Mountain’s website.

For more information on Idaho and its ski resorts, please visit New-Idaho-Tourism-Logo_AIL

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