This past Sunday, July 21st, I wanted to blaze a trail towards Alta Pass to enjoy the epic day along with seeking out new targets for next year. I mostly wanted to bang out a short edit to share/ turn everyone on to some excellent music, performed by my bro Jared Adair aka Soulfuli. Jared is new to the Puget Sound, out of Georgia, so I can’t wait to get his music backing next year’s powder action, along with getting our new friend out on the slopes, so he can too experience the sicness we all suffer from… In the snow covered mountains near YOU!

Mt. Rainier as seen from Alta Pass – 7/21/13

Below are some of the views from Snoqualmie Pass to Alta Pass backed by the song “Head High” performed by Soulfuli, from the album Head High. Check him out and keep tuned for upcoming Soulfuli shows here in the Puget Sound!

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