This is a cool short backcountry piece with Alpental local, Bryce Phillips, who always finds time to spend right at home, during his super busy schedule getting the ski community hooked up with killer deals @ EVO, and now actually building a ski community for his ski family. Just think, if you have ever been to EVO’s brick and mortar store and dig the awesome vibe, well you should check out the “Pass Life” community being built right now up on Snoqualmie Pass, WA (named “The Village at the Summit“). So stoked to see this “phase one” of two phases sold out before they even started building the project. I think it was last week, when I had seen a shout out from Bryce, telling all that phase two is “Game ON”. So if you would like to get in on this first of a kind project on Snoqualmie Pass (that includes a museum, bar and grill, and brewery & MORE!)… DON’T DELAY!

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