The Smash Life Banked Slalom is a super cool snowboarder only event that has now not only become an annual event but now part of a series. At least a two part series, having just made a stop in Big Sky, MT just before the Alpental event held this past January 13th. This event is a race but mostly a gathering of a tight knit group of freeriders that have come together to remember their lost and very loved brother, Aaron Robinson better know as A-Rob. I never had the pleasure of meeting Aaron, but after going to this gathering, and shooting the breeze with a bunch of riders, I realized how many people he had touch in such a positive way.

The Summit at Snoqualmie has assembled the best park and events team I have seen in my 11 years living on Snoquamlie Pass, and it’s all the brain child of Joe Pope. Joe is the ring leader of this, I guess you might call it a traveling circus, having hit the road traveling all the way from Summit Central to create this awesome event at Alpental. Joe and the park crew come up with extremely creative mountain art time and time again, weather it’s the Red Bull interactive small city they created last year at Central Park or the steeper than average Alpental “Smash Life Banked Slalom”.

Below is a vid not only with some banked action, but a few words from Joe about their bro, A-Rob.

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