A few weeks back, Dean Cummings (owner/lead guide of H2O “Heli” Guides ) was rolling through the PNW on his “Steep Life” tour, when he mentioned getting some footage from his heli of Chris Davenport skiing a beautiful early season line, this past October in Valdez, AK. The shoot was for a “Wild Turkey” ad, I guess that would be called a “Turkey shoot”, which features Chris Davenport boot packing up a ridge as he tells his story, reaching the summit, clicking in, and letting it flow. Having skied with both of these powerful, “World Champion” BIG mountain skiers on a few different occasions, I couldn’t wait to see the video go live and share it with everyone. A little side note about Davenport, not only is he one of the most dynamic skiers I have ever seen fly down a mountain (and happened to capture on video), but this Red Bull athlete can fly up the mountain too, using good old human power. I am certain, Chris would be a top competitor on the randonnee rally tour, having seen him climb 7,000′ to my 3,500′ on the last day of his “14 day assault of 15 NW volcanos”, dubbed as the “Ring of Fire Tour” (which gave Chris and Jess McMillian a 14 day total vertical well over 70,000’… AMAZING)! Check out the video then go live your own adventure (with in your limits)!!!

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