I wanted to share some super cool media attention our good friends and fellow Snow Troopers, Mike and Andy Traslin, have received this November. They both appeared in this month’s issue of Backcountry Magazine and both ended up on the packaging box for the 2013 G3 climbing skins. Nice job Andy and Mike, giving us one last final stoke in before the next chapter(Winter 2012/2013), which is now HERE!

Andy Traslin, getting a full page ad in the November issue of Backcountry Magazine. Photo taken by Mike Traslin

Mike Traslin (Andy’s Big bro), getting the centerfold in the same November Backcountry Magazine issue! The three original pics use for the media below were all taken by Jason Hummel. Jason is a true Cascade Crusader that ski tours w/ a camera, so after you finish checking out all the photos below be sure to visit his site AlpineStateofMine and then friend him on facebook.

below the original photo by Jason Hummel used for the November Backcountry Magazine centerfold.

Image was used for the packaging of G3 Climbing Skins ( skiers – Mike Traslin, Andy Traslin and Juya Ghanaie).

Image used on this season’s G3 website.

Andy Traslin in a recent G3 ad.

Below is the 2011 Alpental Vertfest (note: titles state 2010, which is incorrect), which was won by the Traslins, who combine have the majority of first and second place finishes in the history of Alpental rando rallys.

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  1. November 22, 2012

    Ya doggie! Thanks for the props Troopers.

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