1/2 of a very cool event took place this past February in Summit Central’s Park. It was the Red Bull Third Shift, the biggest Red Bull event in the NW this season. The Summit park crew busted out a super sweet set up with an interactive jump that had a dj and bar w/ two tenders all rocking inside the gap. Wicked! The two problems that prevented a Snow Trooper take on this event was having the Vertfest going on the same day, and the event not taking in to account we could get a bunch of snow, YIKES! I had hoped to get some footy of the last half of the event, once we wrapped up with Vertfest. We got on the Central Express chair just after 8:PM and two thirds the way up we were going by the event and getting pumped as a competitor rocked a rail from the second floor past the bar. What a wicked set up with awesome accent lighting! We got to the top of the chair off loaded, hauled ass down to the event only to see it OVER! It was called because we had two much snow falling for the short run in that lead to the huge “bar scene” gap. I was told it was too small of a run in even with the help of the cats, WILD ( Bonanza face would have done the trick )! Live and learn, just like I did trying to film two events and entertain at the same time. But after all of that our friend, Abe Krieger, caught the event on his camera and kicked out a sweet edit. Check it out below the Red Bull event is the first part of his two chapter episode. Thanks Abe!

Below is what Andy Traslin and myself saw that night.

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