A couple weekends back we had an event called the Jib This, Jib That going down at Summit Central. This park event is spilt into two days, boarders going the first day and skiers the second. Last year I made it over and threw up a quick edit but this year, I’m thinking it was the powder that kept me away from the park. However, the Summit at Snoqualmie has a new park crew member that can film and edit too. His name is Garrett Porter and the video below is the event through his lens.

The next video is from our friend Abe Krieger, who also helps out the Summit with some filming and editing, but now is going to school in Maine. Lucky for us, he came home for the holidays and hooked up with his posse for some fun in the Central Park. Some of his filming including the “Jib That” event, so check it out!

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