Our friend Christopher Madison sent this vid showing his version of January’s snopocalypse… Skiing epic pow and a rare ski of the Seattle streets. Below is what Christopher had to say about the storm:

Snopocalypse 2012 hits Seattle, and while most people stayed inside we rushed up to the pass to hit the mountains… but the pass was closed. So after waiting from 5:45am to 2:10pm the pass finally opened. Knowing we missed fresh tracks at Alpental, my riding partner Brian and I headed to Central to drop fresh tracks on the 360 chutes. It was also the first time I got to play with my Nordica Jah Loves I got off steep and cheap last year. With 140 under foot, those things slaughtered the pow, and great times were had.

After spending a few days in the mountains playing hooky and skiing new pow everyday, I still couldn’t get my itch scratched. It didn’t help to see snow everywhere when I came into Seattle either. So, of course, I had to get some street skiing in. So I spent that night hiking around and skiing the hills of Seattle. The perfect way to wrap up Snopocalypse 2012.

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