June 13th, 2012: our small crew made up of Andrew Eckels, Bo Valencia, Qwinn Gundersen, Sting and myself met just after the Mill Creek bridge (and right before the Roaring Ridge turn off) where a large band of snow still remains but our mini awd rv (van) managed to just get through. We figure a group of skiers in a low clearance car could shovel through the snow band in less time than it took us to reach the snow line 2 miles up the road. We were able to drive about 3/8 of a mile before continuous snow and skins on a bit before the Mt. Catherine TH. Started the hike with a nice mist coming down and stayed in the thick of it all day. Once we climbed up to the top of the NE Bowl (just before the NW bowl), we couldn’t even see halfway up the NW Cirque so decided to ski off the Lower Dome. The Spring snow was excellent so we did a couple more laps hitting some of our favorites runs which all had fine visibility because of the trees and rocks. Super steep fun day, including the go home route under the NE Ridge, which is loaded with a bunch of short, sweet, steep shots (vs. returning to Windy Pass via the alternate long green dot down Huckleberry). The 13th was some of the best lower elevation skiing I have done this Spring in the Cascades! Get it while you can & live to ski another day!

Video of the day below

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  1. June 16, 2012

    Hundred bucks? Damn! I recognize those skis . . . sure it’s not a summer rental fee?

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