Here is the video to go with Sting’s earlier POST of our ski from Steamboat Prow this past 4th of July, 2012. The day finally started out with sunshine, after two days of rain going into the holiday. Turned out that the White River campground remained empty until the following day (the 5th), so it was mostly to ourselves and a handful of alpinist. Also on a side note, if you are camping up there the A loop is the quietest area, finding this out when we pulled the Dodge mini van out of the campsite the 5th and seeing it was a zoo everywhere else, with no “legal” parking remaining (we lucked out and a climbing party was just pulling out). The day was blazing hot and the super long ski down from the Steamboat Prow was mostly excellent. The first 200′ or so from the top had a thin crust that was a little tricky, but beyond that there was excellent sugar snow giving us a super fun ski. Little sticky down towards the last steep pitch above glacier basin, so keep those bases nice and clean before you ski. Hitting snow a couple hundred feet below Glacier Basin gave us just over 4,000 feet on a hot Summer day.

Live to Ski Another Day!

July 4th, 2012 video below.

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