Here are the FULL race results for the Monika Johnson Memorial Rally which took place this past Sat. at Alpental’s Vertfest. With race registrations reaching a record level (158 registered), mix ups were bound to happen. So the results below have some of TNT’s notes to recognize that Andrew Eckels who registered in the rec division would’ve won 2nd place amongst the men’s rec racers had he not opted after the one rec lap to go another lap which ended up placing him 10th in the race division (btw, he raced in alpine ski boots). Big huge congrats to this 1st time Vertfest racer – remember the name: Andrew Eckels – we’re sure to hear more of him in the years to come. Also, this year the Snow Troopers sponsored a new “Clydesdale” division. Unfortunately, in all the excitement, those results weren’t tallied and we were told a folder holding the sign up sheet is missing. That was the only copy and we don’t have the names of those who signed up. If you were one of them, can you please reach out to us in Facebook so we can find those 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners and give them prizes? Thanks to all the racers, participants, sponsors, organizers and of course, OR and Summit at Snoqualmie, for such a fun event.

Note that #79 in the women’s race division didn’t finish so Olivia Cussen was the winner – congrats!


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One Response to “Alpental, WA – Vertfest Race Results & Pictures 2/18/2012”

  1. February 21, 2012

    Thanks for being first up with legible results, Tim! On the spot as usual!