Wanted to share this local Snoqualmie Pass park edit of Jamie Baril by his bro Abe. He has a bag of tricks along w/ backcountry ski skills… Can’t wait to get him on film slashin’ and huckin’ his Moment Night Trains all over the Alpental backcountry next season.

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One Response to “Summit Central, WA – Jamie Baril End of Season Park Edit – 2010/2011”

  1. July 10, 2011


    Jamie is getting really good! And a snowtrooper for sure. Hes out in the park almost every day and I dont think the BC phases him a bit. I’ve seen him go from barely smooth 3’s to now switch 10’s!! The rail talent is natural. Great edit,, great skiing ,, I want more of this on the snow troopers! Needs some grabs but I think he’s good enough to be wearing pink.

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