I was stoked to be back in the Cascades to start out July w/ a tour on Mt. Baker the 1st, the zombie walk in Fremont, WA w/ “The Staxx Brothers” live the 2nd, and Silver Peak the 3rd (just before heading back to Baker on the 4th).

The day on July 3rd started out w/ low clouds and some light rain, so I decided to stay put right at Hyak until it cleared up a little more right around noon. Wanted to get the boot pack in for a change of pace so I parked at the Pacific Crest Trail head. Walked up the PCT to the first creek crossing and was surprised to see so many trees blown over and up rooted. The second creek crossing was just the same making the normal quick get to the snow at the 3rd creek crossing a bit longer. Once at the snow line just above the 3rd creek crossing I was able to boot the entire way to the Silver Peak Cirque climbing under the Silver Peak Ridge to the NE Bowl, up Miller Time to the lower dome ( where I ran into the Starfish Magazine crew doing snowskate sled laps w/ a couple brauts still hot on the grill). After a braut and some yakking we all made our way to the Cirque for some STEEP snowskating (not me). Note: All of these snowskaters in the video below are world class “level” snow boarders that make advanced terrain expert only by basically riding a skateboard down the steep pitches (with a short ski mounted below it).

Snowskate sled laps

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2 Responses to “Silver Peak, WA – The Starfish Lands on Silver – 7/3/11”

  1. June 16, 2013

    How did they get the sled up there?

    • July 4, 2013


      There was still a ribbon of snow over the rock ridge into the NW bowl…

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