Opening day came earlier than it had in the last 25 years at Schweitzer Mountain Resort this past Saturday. The decision was made just the morning prior to spin the lifts for the faithful local hardcore.
I was expecting a huge line to start the day (even if they only had the lower mountain open), but the mountain was just like the streets of Sandpoint on the way up – not many people and all covered in snow. I stayed on the main groomer down to the base for most of my runs, but did venture twice down ridge run to seek out some pow. The skiing was great but really needed one more good dump to end the thoughts of underbrush or land sharks wanting to take a bite out of your fun.

Tommy “Tunes” Letourneau – The Guy can sure turn the skis not to mention TUNE them too… When in Sandpoint find him on fb for a tune which will always add points to the fun factor scale.

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