Dec 25 – 29, 2010 – TNT here, Christmas this season spilt up the core sending Sting to Mammoth, Karter here in the Cascades, and I headed over to Northern Idaho to visit the family and eat as much of my sister’s “Babs’ Pizzeria” Italian food in between trying to chase a couple of the local girls around the Selkirks (along w/ their good buddy Andrew Draper, who you might have seen on the Freeskiing Tour).

It was great fun skiing w/ the trio even if the weather was status quo per most of my visits – high winds w/ low vis (I mean NO vis). I was due to head out the morning of the 29th, but before dad had finished up the eggs and sausage it had snowed 4″ already that morning. One phone call later w/ Alison and crew letting me know it was puking in Selkirks and I was on my way… Not home!!!

Check out the vid and note the deeper shots of Andrew are taken in the near “Slackcountry” just off the backside’s far surface lift.

After a great day skiing it was off to Snoqualmie Pass on a 6 hour journey w/ snow flying 2/3 of the way. Once home, I awoke to a bluebird day and 1.5 of untracked in the Alpental BC, but that’s another story told next the next vid.

Live to ski another day,

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  1. January 19, 2011

    Tim, thanks for coming out to the Skijoring event. I wanted to see the video that we took and possibly put it on the website. Thanks, Matt 208-263-8768

  2. January 11, 2011


    I loved it and the music

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