Around 7PM Jerad and myself met up for this trip on the East side of Snoqualmie Pass to start our drive to the Sunrise entrance of Mt. Rainier NP via the “backside” Yakima, Chinook route. When we finally arrived at the White River campground the other two guys in our party showed up, Andrew and Jackson. We shot the breeze for a while around the campfire, sacked out and four hours later we were off to climb the Interglacier. I hadn’t hiked this trail since the massive flooding back in early January of 2009 and was shocked at the damage. The new trail ( that is still in progress) climbs at a perfect grade that is smooth and wide. About a quarter mile before Glacier Basin we his solid snow and the running shoes were replaced w/ the rando boots. As we came out of the trees in Glacier Basin we all decided to head for the steeper chutes right above Glacier Basin instead of climbing the Interglacier. .

Andrew Eckels kicking the steps.

Below is a short vid of the day in Mt. Rainier NP, WA

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