If you think the Selkirk Mountains are gentle based on a visit to Schweitzer Resort, well all you need to do is drive North an hour or so and you will be in the heart of some epic skiing.

Starting your trip from Sandpoint Idaho there are many options with in two hours from downtown. Cassidy and myself chose to check out the West Fork Cabin zone. We entered the National Forest off of Hwy 1 at Copeland (apx 30 minutes North of Bonners Ferry). The road is paved deep into the canyon w/ a super smooth old logging road once the black top ends. This was our choice because the road to the trailhead (TH) was at 3,500′ most of the way getting stuck only in two patches of 10 inch deep snow. Each time we were able to dig out and continue w/ in 5 minutes, paying off and driving another mile or so before calling it quits at a 16″ deep by 50 yard long patch which was only 3/16 of a mile before TH. Apx an hour into the tour we arrived at the West Fork Cabin which is well maintained and was a great place to take our first break of the day. 15 minutes later we headed out through the meadow and began our twenty minute flat slog to the base of Joe Peak and ascended thought some nicely spaced out trees. Once we hit the summit we soaked up some good views…

Then clicked in and made our way down the ridge towards a nice pitch we eyed on the way up. Great day in Northern Idaho yo!

Below is the vid of the day:

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