I know, I know, these Alpental POV edits just don’t seem to stop. Well this will be the last one I promise ;), I’m basically out of decent footage from this storm period anyway. I’m now laid up on my parents’ couch (thanks Mom and Bill!) as I had surgery on my right knee about a week and a half ago. Patellofemoral reconstruction and meniscus cleanup, plus removal of some massive chunk of cartilage. Hopefully I’m good to go after three or four months of PT. So far I’m not too miserable cause the weather hasn’t been nice enough to be depressed about getting stuck inside. I can say that this is probably the most difficult and painful thing I’ve experienced related to injury. I’ve never had surgery before so it has been an eye opening experience.

This video features Maurer, Shaw, Garrett and myself and music from The Finger Guns. You can also find them on Facebook. Looking back I probably shouldn’t have reduced the volume on the last song so much, don’t worry the recording is perfectly fine, I just didn’t want it to play back at full volume and made it a little too quite. The Finger Guns are working on releasing their album soon, for now you can check them out live at various venues in Seattle. Enough text, watch the vid!

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