Here we go! Episode two of the Alpy team edits, with myself, Shaun Maurer, and TNT. More storm riding footage and some sun breaks shralpin the BC. Maurer and I exploited much of what Wall Street had to offer and found a rad new roller to boost just left of the Cleaver. Maurer and I have been working harder at finding new lines in zones that we always ride, sunshine, hummux, Wall Street, and the like. We found a couple new routes down the sunshine area and I think somewhere I have it on cam, if I do I’ll throw it in episode 3 🙂 Holy smokes the snow was deep and light during a couple of these dumps, gets me all excited just thinking about it. I’m continuing with the Love + Light music here, I like their beats.

About all I can do is day dream about fresh, go golfing, and hope that we can get some decent weather so the homies and I can get back out into the mountains via steel steads.

TNT is on his way over to Sandpoint to enjoy some pizza and shred with the Idaho bros. I think he might be getting tired of the mash potatoes and rain around here 😉

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2 Responses to “Alpental, WA – Alpental Extreme Team Ep. 2 – 2/25-2/28/2011”

  1. June 23, 2011

    Off the catrack distance comp would be fun as hell, only on blower days like though. My knees can’t handle that ish in any other condition 😉

  2. June 23, 2011


    Sick tree rides!! Karter makes the chair line so fun! I hope you guys are all better for next year so I have someone to mach with. Oh! and hopefully Alpentalics that watch this, realize that Karter on the first clip, flew to the first tower from the Cat track!!?? Do the math! We should have an ” off the catrack distance comp”