I just got done with this looong edit from the week following our trip to Schweitzer. I left Idaho a day early to come back to Alpental and shred the deep snow that was piling up. This week ended up being the start of our great mid-late season blast of storms. From this week, deep into march we just kept getting hammered with snow. This video is all in the BC around Snoqualmie and Alpy. I can’t remember how deep the snow was, but it wasn’t any 6″ on hard pack, pretty much bottomless! All this snow in late February and March has led to a massive base which is still holding strong. If you haven’t been up in the mountains lately, the snow is still very deep and great BC skiing (or at Crystal) will definitely be had into June. Don’t put your boards away just yet! Enjoy the long edit, I’ll pump another one out soon.

I wasn’t sure about my own music choice on this one at first, but I’m beginning to like it, especially the second track.

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