With the Alpental Vertfest starting up tomorrow (2/12) I wanted to post last year’s video of the race and let you know the chatter out there amongst the Cascade backcountry community who fondly remember Monika Johnson taking the women’s top podium at the 2010 Alpental Vertfest. Not sure if you have heard the tragic news of Monika’s fatal fall off Red Mountain last week and the difficult task the search and rescue team endured to recover her. It was a sad week up here on the pass and I know it will be a tough one this upcoming weekend for her family and backcountry friends. So, after a long thread on a Puget Sound ski forum which remembered she always raced with a stuffed kitty on her pack, the consensus is to honor her by getting one as well (I found a stuffed lion) to carry along for the fest/race. But the coolest thing I read was to place her kitty on the top podium spot for the awards. I agree fully knowing her time won’t be beaten for years to come if ever!

Rest in Peace Monika

Below is the 2010 Alpental Vertfest which was won by Monika Johnson in the Pro division.

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