Close one right out of Hyak, WA is Kendall Coulior # 1 (KC #1). However the approach can be shortened up by dropping a car up on Yellowstone Rd and returning down the fs road back to Hyak or if conditions are right take the coulior all the way to Gold Creek valley and slog out. Headed out around 11AM and made good time in the warm bluebird weather. When we arrived the top of KC #1 the sun had baked the firm granular to a loose granular. Did our first lap close to the skiers’ right trees to play it safe, all was good and a trip back up for another lap was a must since we only skied the top part of the chute before the bottle neck. After the 2nd lap we put the skins on and climb a short traverse to the ridge giving us one more short ski back to the fs road. Once on the fs road w/ took it all the way back down to Gold Creek and walked back to Hyak. Can someone give me a ride back to my car???

Live to Ski Another Day!

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