So Friday Alpental opened for the season, and what a surprisingly good day it was! The whole day was full of wampers and slashes, part of the reason it was so freakin awesome was because my buddy Shaun Maurer hit it up with me, then Jay Kelly caught up with us for some runs, some dips, and some buckin through the roof! I like Shaun and Jay cause when I see something that looks fun, no matter how sketchy, or how gnarly it might be….. they almost always agree to get nasty on the line. It is always good when your homies back you up on the stupidshit. Heck, they even come up with the rad hits as well, perfect riding buddies! Patrick was out and got a couple pics to illustrate the Wampers! Check it! Stay Tuned, the video is coming real soon! You can see more of Patrick’s work @ http://www.patrickpenoyar.com/


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